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ini menerima, jika menerima, menerima,

Other Mathes:
is always ready to accept, is ever accepting of, is ever accepting
allah is ever accepting of, allah is ever accepting
ask before accepting a, ask before accepting
that coach cotton is accepting, that coach cotton was accepting
mean accepting, would include accepting
cotton is accepting a job, cotton was accepting a job
cotton is accepting, cotton was accepting
accepting, and by receiving, by accepting, by receiving
but accepting it, by accepting it it
the honor of accepting, the honour of accepting
mankind from believing when, men from accepting faith when, men from believing when
mankind from believing, men from accepting faith, men from believing
a favour by accepting him, favour by accepting him
a favour by accepting, favour by accepting
accepting the faith or, of accepting the faith or

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adjective satellite (s)

tolerating without protest
toleransi tanpa protes
Always more accepting of coaching suggestion than her teammates.
The atmosphere was judged to be more supporting and accepting.
source: wordnet30

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