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akseptabel, bisa diterima, boleh diterima, dapat dimaafkan, dapat diterima, diterima tetapi, diterima, pantas untuk diterima, yang dapat diterima,

Other Mathes:
acceptable to me, acceptable why, acceptable, be agr able, could be assigned, is that acceptable, just unacceptable, perfectly acceptable, relatively the approved, supposed to admit to, supposed to admit, that acceptable, to fit in you know, to fit in you, unacceptable, was acceptable, well received yes, what is acceptable and, what is acceptable, worth mentioning then
acceptable, admissible, bearable, can be acceptable, is acceptable, just inevitable, no that is cool man, pass muster, unacceptable, well balanced
acceptable yes or, is that acceptable yes or, that acceptable yes or
acceptable yes, am i understood yes, clear yes, dig yeah, do you understand yeah, get it do u, get it do you man, get it do you, getting it are you, got it yeah, got it yes sir, got it yes, got me yeah yeah yeah, got that yeah, got that yes, i understand yes, i understood yes, intercept yes, is it a deal check, is that acceptable yes, kill her understand yes, me ryder, read me yes, that acceptable yes, understand always, understand yeah, understand yes, understanding let talk, understanding let, understood yeah, understood yes, yeah yeah do, you got that yeah, you understand yeah
most acceptable, was acceptable, who are acceptable, who pass, who spend part, who spend, who will please
is that acceptable to you, is that acceptable
acceptable to, to be acceptable to
is acceptable for us to, is acceptable for us
acceptable, admissible, be acceptable, inadmissible, unacceptable
an acceptable draught of, an acceptable draught
acceptable are two sides of, acceptable are two sides
acceptable for us to, acceptable for us
acceptable for, acceptable to, accepted into, accepted to, is welcome to, passes for, was accepted to
it is not acceptable, it is unacceptable, this is intolerable, this is not acceptable, this is unacceptable, this magnitude is unacceptable
are the exception, it was worth mentioning then, that acceptable, that be okay, that is what is acceptable

English to English

(/&/k's/E/pt/@/b/@/l )
adjective (a)

worthy of acceptance or satisfactory
layak menerima atau memuaskan
Acceptable levels of radiation.
Performances varied from acceptable to excellent.
source: wordnet30
Capable, worthy, or sure of being accepted or received with pleasure; pleasing to a receiver; gratifying; agreeable; welcome; as, an acceptable present, one acceptable to us.
mampu, layak, atau tentu menjadi diterima atau diterima dengan senang hati; menyenangkan untuk seorang penerima; memuaskan; sedap; selamat datang; sebagai, sebuah i bisa diterima/ saya hadir, satu aku bisa diterima/ aku kepada kami.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

judged to be in conformity with approved usage
dinilai berada dalam kesesuaian dengan penggunaan disetujui
Acceptable English usage.
source: wordnet30
meeting requirements
pertemuan persyaratan
source: wordnet30
adequate for the purpose
memadai untuk tujuan
The water was acceptable for drinking.
source: wordnet30

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