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dadak, dengan kasar, dengan tiba tiba, kasar, spt, tiba tiba, tiba,

Other Mathes:
abruptly leaving, abruptly went, all of a sudden go, had suddenly gone, suddenly took off
my abruptly leaving
i have suddenly, i instantly, i suddenly, i was just walking, it i seem to, my abruptly, of it i seem to, that i suddenly
so abruptly, so sudden, so suddenly, very exciting suddenly
ended abruptly
feeling good stops abruptly
a way of leaving abruptly
chirps, chlrps, say something abruptly
came in abruptly and i
came in abruptly and
came in abruptly, come suddenly, kinda started out of nowhere, sudden abyss
a raw, abruptly, it rough

English to English

(/@/'br/@/ptl/i/ )
adverb (r)

quickly and without warning
cepat dan tanpa peringatan
dead, short, suddenly
source: wordnet30
In an abrupt manner; without giving notice, or without the usual forms; suddenly.
dalam satu secara mendadak; tanpa memberi notis, biasa atau tanpa bentuk; tiba tiba.
source: webster1913

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