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banyak sekali, banyak, berlimpah, berlimpahan, makmur,

Other Mathes:
abound when the mouth is, abound when the mouth
rumors abound on, rumours abound on
rumors abound, rumours abound
will abound
i promise commissions will abound
abound when, all right when, alright when, being sweet when, glad when, good when it was, good when it, good when, neither when, nice when, ok when, right how, well when
gift your gifts abound
a knack for it, gifts abound
rumours abound on capitol
abound and thrive
abound and, abundant and, bountiful and
abound, abounds, abundant, gigantic pile of, is abundant, over abundance, very healthy nest egg
abound, be in abundance, be plentiful, overwhelming, the overwhelming
abound on, rumors in
abound, are bluer than, few whispers, of rumor, of rumours, rumor, rumors, tattle, widely whispered

English to English

(/@/'b/AU/nd )
verb (v)

be abundant or plentiful; exist in large quantities
menjadi berkelimpahan atau limpah; wujud dalam jumlah besar
source: wordnet30
be in a state of movement or action
berada dalam keadaan pergerakan atau tindakan
The room abounded with screaming children.
bristle, burst
source: wordnet30
To be in great plenty; to be very prevalent; to be plentiful.
untuk menjadi dengan sangat banyak; to be very lazim; untuk berlimpahan.
source: webster1913

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