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Hasil Carian: abducted

English to Malay


diculik, kalau diculik, kena culik, menculik, pernah diculik,

Other Mathes:
abducted by, been abducted by, been kidnapped by, been snatched by, been taken by, being abducted by a kind, carried away by, fucking got kidnapped by, gets abducted by, got buzzed by, got kidnapped by, have been abducted by, have been kidnapped by, kidnapped by, taking by, was abducted by, was kidnapped by, was taken by, were abducted by
he is been abducted, he is been kidnapped by, he is been kidnapped, he was abducted was, he was abducted, he was kidnapped, he was taken maybe, he was taken, her abduction, she gets taken, she is been abducted, she is been kidnapped, she is been taken, she kidnapped, she was abducted, she was grabbed, she was kidnapped, she was stolen, she was taken, that he was abducted by, they had him kidnapped, you say they kidnapped
abducted at, abducted from, abducted in, get kidnapped on, hauled out in, taken away on, was abducted in, was abducted the, was kidnapped on, was kidnapped up the, was kidnapped up
had already been kidnapped, has been abducted, has been hijacked
abducted and, been abducted and, been kidnapped and, got kidnapped and, has been kidnapped and, kidnapped and, paws and, was abducted and, was kidnapped and, were abducted and, were kidnapped and
abducted, been abducted, been kidnapped, been taken, have been kidnapped, kidnapped, was abducted, was grabbed, was kidnapped, was taken, were abducted, were kidnapped
abducted by, abducted, been kidnapped, have already been abducted once, have been abducted by
a kidnapped, are abducted, is kidnapped
abducted i was, been kidnapped l, being abducted i, have been kidnapped l, was kidnapped i was, was kidnapped i, were being abducted i
abducted by aliens, was abducted by aliens, was abducted
abducted at, abducted from, kidnapped from, was kidnapped from, was taken from, were abducted from
abducted by aliens, gets abducted by aliens, kidnapped by aliens, was abducted by aliens, was kidnapped by aliens, was kidnapped by space aliens
one abducted, some people abducted
his sister was abducted by, sister was abducted by
your sister been abducted, your sister to be abducted

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