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culik, menculik, mengalap,

Other Mathes:
going to abduct, want to abduct nthe, want to abduct, want to kidnap
want to abduct nthe body, want to abduct the body
abduct the son of, abduct the son, kidnap the child, kidnap those, make off with, steal a kid, taking the
abduct people yeah, abduct people
abduct pike to, gonna abduct pike to
abduct pike, gonna abduct pike
abduct nthe body of, abduct the body of
abduct nthe body, abduct the body
abduct you all right, abduct you, abducted you, forced to enter the restaurant, grabbed you, kidnap you, kidnapped you, kidnapping you gasps, kidnapping you, snatch you, snatched you off, steai you away, steal you away young, was kidnapped by you
abduct her, abduct him, abducted her, abducted him, has her, kidnap her, kidnapped her, kidnapped him, stole him away, stole your father, swerved, took her, took him away
did they abduct you, they abduct you, they took you
did not abduct, did not kidnap, do not kidnap, does not abduct
to abduct the son of, to abduct the son, to kidnap the child
to abduct you all right, to abduct you, to kidnap you
that tried to abduct me, tried to abduct me

English to English

(/&/b'd/@/kt )
verb (v)

take away to an undisclosed location against their will and usually in order to extract a ransom
mengambil ke satu lokasi yang tidak didedahkan melawan kehendak mereka dan biasanya dalam rangka untuk mengekstrak tebusan
kidnap, nobble, snatch
source: wordnet30
pull away from the body
tarik diri dari tubuh
This muscle abducts.
source: wordnet30
To take away surreptitiously by force; to carry away (a human being) wrongfully and usually by violence; to kidnap.
ambil curi curi dengan paksa; untuk membawa pergi (seorang manusia) dengan tidak adil dan biasanya dengan kekerasan; untuk menculik.
source: webster1913

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