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menghinakan, merendahkan,

Other Mathes:
abase myself only before the, abase myself only before
i abase myself only before
i abase myself only
i abase myself
again i lay down, i abase, i am condescending
or abase them, or expose them to infamy, or frustrate them, or overthrow them, or overwhelm them
a torment humiliating him, doom that will abase him, punishment that will disgrace him
nor did they abase
before my king i abase
abase them so that, frustrate them so that, overthrow them and, overwhelm them so that
abase them, expose them to infamy, frustrate them, overthrow them, overwhelm them
abase, demeaning, humiliate, humiliated, undervalue
will abase him and who, will disgrace him and who
abased and, confounded for evil, disgraced by you and, disgraced him and, surely humiliated and, will abase him and, will disgrace him and
will abase him and

English to English

(/@/'b/eI/s )
verb (v)

cause to feel shame; hurt the pride of
karena merasa malu; menyakiti kebanggaan
source: wordnet30
To lower or depress; to throw or cast down; as, to abase the eye.
turunkan atau menekan; untuk membuang atau dibuang ke; sebagai, untuk merendahkan aku/ aku mata.
source: webster1913

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