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ahhhhh, billy bergumam, ogre bodoh jelek, pooo, selamat walter,

Other Mathes:
aah you bitch, aii right you bitch, bitch you, scag you, whore you, you bitch aah, you bitch
a million dollars aah, you a million dollars aah
know aah leavin on, to know aah leavin on
cult in this area aah
aah iook at you
aah so uh, ah so um, ah so, ah to be, ah turn, boyd ah so
aah do you know, ah you know
aah do you, ah did you, ah here you, ah there you are, ah you are, ah you, ahh did we, unh you
aah let me out
aah help, ah help, ah please
lose a brother aah
i lose a brother aah
me i am slipping aah
i hate gin, mm aah i hate gin

English to English

verb (v)

express admiration and pleasure by uttering `ooh' or `aah'
mengungkapkan kekaguman dan kesenangan dengan uttering` ooh' atau` aah'
They oohed and aahed when they unwrapped the presents.
source: wordnet30

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