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Hasil Carian: a cute baby

English to Malay

a cute baby

anak yang comel,

Other Mathes:
English Malay
a a di, a i, a name, a semua, a yang, ada harta, ada jaringan, ada laki, ada pekerja, ada perjamuan, ada roti
cute akan oke, cakep, cantik tidak, cantik ya, comel gitu, comel, cute juga, imut, imutnya, kecilan, lawa
baby aku faham sayang, baby bayi, baby sayang, baby sudah, bayi saja, bayi selatan, bayi tiga, bayi yang, bayi, beibeh, boleh istirahat

Other Mathes:
English Malay
a cute baby anak yang comel,

Other Mathes:
incredibly cute, is very cute, so cute so cute, so cute, super cute
way to go baby, well done baby, well done sweetie, wonderful honey, you are good babe
got a baby on, were gonna have a baby, will get a baby, will have a baby, will have the baby
of it in a, she have a baby, that a baby, that baby, that is baby
the baby that, the baby was, the little baby, the ones who do, with babies the
there not a baby, there s a baby, there was a baby, wait there a baby, younger the better
newborn baby in, the baby at, the baby in, the baby on, this baby right
have the baby am i, have the baby am, have the baby, having a baby, having the baby
have that baby, have the baby, having a baby you know, having a baby, to have a baby
okay baby, okay in there sweetheart, okay my love, okay sarah baby, okay there sweetheart
child would, the baby is, the baby will be, the baby will, the baby would have
was just a baby, were a baby, were babies, were just a baby, were just an infant
she is hilarious, she is so much fun, she was funny, that is laugh, well he is cute
she is adorable, she is cute, she is kind of cute, she is sweet, she was sweet
she is a cute, she is really sweet, she is so sweet, she is very cute, she is very sweet

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