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(d/eI/ )
noun (n)

time for Earth to make a complete rotation on its axis
waktu bagi bumi untuk membuat lengkap nya putaran pada paksi
Two days later they left.
They put on two performances every day.
There are 30,000 passengers per day.
source: wordnet30
some point or period in time
atau periode waktu di beberapa titik
It should arrive any day now.
After that day she never trusted him again.
Those were the days.
These days it is not unusual.
source: wordnet30
a day assigned to a particular purpose or observance
sehari ditugaskan untuk tujuan tertentu atau observance
Mother's Day.
source: wordnet30
the time after sunrise and before sunset while it is light outside
waktu setelah terbit matahari dan sebelum matahari terbenam ketika itu adalah cahaya di luar
The dawn turned night into day.
It is easier to make the repairs in the daytime.
daylight, daytime
dark, night, nighttime
source: wordnet30
the recurring hours when you are not sleeping (especially those when you are working)
yang berulang jam ketika kau tidak tidur (terutama mereka ketika kau bekerja)
My day began early this morning.
It was a busy day on the stock exchange.
She called it a day and went to bed.
source: wordnet30
an era of existence or influence
sebuah era eksistensi atau pengaruh
In the day of the dinosaurs.
In the days of the Roman Empire.
In the days of sailing ships.
He was a successful pianist in his day.
source: wordnet30
the period of time taken by a particular planet (e.g. Mars) to make a complete rotation on its axis
tempoh masa yang diambil oleh tertentu planet (e. g. mars) untuk membuat lengkap nya putaran pada paksi
How long is a day on Jupiter?.
source: wordnet30
the time for one complete rotation of the earth relative to a particular star, about 4 minutes shorter than a mean solar day
waktu untuk satu lengkap rotasi bumi relatif kepada bintang tertentu, sekitar 4 menit lebih pendek dari sebuah berarti matahari hari
sidereal day
source: wordnet30
a period of opportunity
periode kesempatan
He deserves his day in court.
Every dog has his day.
source: wordnet30
United States writer best known for his autobiographical works (1874-1935)
amerika serikat penulis lebih dikenali nya bekerja otobiografi (1874-1935)
source: wordnet30
The time of light, or interval between one night and the next; the time between sunrise and sunset, or from dawn to darkness; hence, the light; sunshine.
saat cahaya, atau sela satu malam dan berikutnya; antara waktu matahari terbit dan terbenam, atau dari fajar menuju kegelapan; maka, cahaya; sunshine.
source: webster1913

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