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a mu mu, akan mambuatmu, anda aku punya nama, anda aku punya, anda anda tidak bisa, anda anda tidak, anda apos, anda bahawa anda, anda s, anda sekarang dan, anda yang, anda, andadesktop, angkelmu, antek, apos anda s, apos anda, awak atas, awak dengan, awak itu

Other Mathes:
daddy did not, daddy is not, do not your daddy, has not your father, his father did not
pay she will, sighs your mother would, then mom came
all of your skills, are you good at, are you ridiculously good at, given your skill set, level are you, of your expertise, of your skills, really your thing, right up your street, s your specialisation, such skills were put, you are best at, your area of expertise, your credentials, your expertise, your forte, your impressive skills, your microscopes, your monkey wrench, your personal achievements, your skill set, your skill, your skills are, your skills while, your skills, your speciality
mother tells you, mum say, she told him, so your mom was saying, your ma said, your mom said, your mom say
did your dad, did your father, does your dad know, does your dad, does your daddy, does your father, has your dad, is your dad, was your dad, was your father, what did your father, what does your father do, what does your father, what he committed, what is your dad, what is your father, what your dad, will your father, would your father
getting your dick, light your nuts, pipe huh, the pipe huh, your balls are, your balls off, your balls, your cock upon the floor, your cock, your cocks, your dick man, your dick off, your dick, your dicks, your grape, your little prick, your nuts for you, your nuts, your nutsack, your wiener, youse guys dicks off
get your fuckin hands, get your fucking hands, get your goddamn hands, get your hand off me, get your hand, get your hands off me, get your hands, hand off, just get your hands, let go of your hand, remove your hand, take your hand off me, take your hand, take your hands away you, take your hands off me, take your hands off of, take your hands off, take your hands, unhand me you, you get your fucking hands
how my shit went, is all there is, is your end, more your department, on to your part
arladne this is your house, here your house, i was wondering about that, is that your place, is this his house, is this your house, it is your home, it is your house, it is your place, it s your home, it your house f, ll i lic, these are your houses, this being your house, this is like your house, this is this your house, this is your home, this is your house, this is your place mmm, this your house
a bill put your hands, arms up, bill put your hands, get em in the air, get your fucking hands up, get your hands up, hold up your hands, keep your hands up, put your fucking hands up, put your fucking hands, put your hand up, put your hands in the, put your hands up, raise it up, raise your arms, raise your hand, raise your hands up, raise your hands, throw your hands
does your dad know, does your father know, me your father knew, your blessed father knew, your dad finds out, your dad knew, your dad knows, your daddy know, your daddy knows, your father find out, your father find, your father knew, your father know you, your father know, your father knows, your father would have known
drafted to your father, from your dad and, from your dad, from your daddy, from your father, from your own father, left besides your father, love your father, of your dad, of your father, off your daddy, off your father, than your dad, than your father, than your old, the man your father was
uh your mommy not, your ma ai not, your mama s not, your mom did not, your mom does not, your mom is not, your mom not, your mom out, your mother did not, your mother does not, your mother has not, your mother is not, your mother not, your mother was not, your mum not, your own mother could not
apologies your majesty, excuse me your excellency, excuse me your highness, excuse me your honor, i am sorry your honor, i apologize my lord, i apologize your holiness, i m sorry your onor, pardon your excellency, pardon your majesty, sorry your grace, sorry your highness, sorry your honor, sorry your honour, sorry your royal highness, your pardon your honor
boy watch it boy, bu rke, burke now watch your step, burke watch your step, could pay attention

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(/j//U/r )
pronoun (pro)

The form of the possessive case of the personal pronoun you.
bentuk posesif the case of the personal pronoun aku kau/ aku.
source: webster1913

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