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a ya, abbott ya, ada kok, ada komentar pak, ada ubatnya, ah hah, aku cincang, aku peter bishop, alva ya, angkat berat, april ya, ashes, awak nak pen, awle, benar benar ya, benar selesai, benarkah oh ya, bergerak baik, besok ya, betol

Other Mathes:
ya ya that, yeah yeah it, yeah yeah its, yeah yeah that is, yeah yep that, yeah yes it, yes aye that is a, yes aye that is, yes aye that s a, yes aye that s, yes that s
acceptable yes, am i understood yes, clear yes, dig yeah, do you understand yeah, get it do u, get it do you man, get it do you, getting it are you, got it yeah, got it yes sir, got it yes, got me yeah yeah yeah, got that yeah, got that yes, i understand yes, i understood yes, intercept yes, is it a deal check, is that acceptable yes, kill her understand yes, me ryder, read me yes, that acceptable yes, understand always, understand yeah, understand yes, understanding let talk, understanding let, understood yeah, understood yes, yeah yeah do, you got that yeah, you understand yeah
yeah guess so, yeah iike, yeah it looks like, yeah looks like, yeah no it iooks, yes i believe i, yes i i think, yes i kind, yes i suppose they are, yes i suppose they, yes i thought he was
answer yes, charge huh groaning continues, could say yes, give me yes, just answer yes, my answer yes, said yes, say something yes, say yes to me, say yes, tell me yes, you to answer yes, your answer yes
yeah i know that is, yeah i know that, yeah i know you wo, yeah i noticed that, yeah i see that, yes already i know that, yes i do it is, yes i knew that, yes i know it is, yes i know it, yes i know that is
a good hug, brltish accent yes my dear, good hug
yeah is everything, yeah its, yeah the whole thing, yeah well everything, yeah yeah all, yes all of it, yes all of them, yes everything is, yes everything, yes folks, yes it is all
esmeralda yes yes i know, hopper yes yes i knew, ya ya i know, yeah yeah i know, yeah yeah i see, yes yes all right, yes yes i knew, yes yes i know, yes yes i would know
yeah but see that, yeah but that is, yeah but that, yeah um but you, yeah well that was, yes but does, yes but it did, yes but it is, yes but it was, yes but it, yes but that is
yeah yeah i am, yeah yeah there we, yeah yes it is, yes yeah we, yes yes good point
are gone huh, away no, cooled down n, get going yes, go on yeah, go yeah dj, go yeah i
absolutely yes, certain people yeah, course yes, definitely yeah, definitely yes, for god s sake yes, i sure do yes, it sure is yeah, l would say yes, obviously yes, of course it is yes, of course yeah, of course yes, of course you are yeah, surely yes, then of course yeah, unconditional go
are beautiful i believe, no yo would not, oh i am going, sorry gotta go so, well i wanna, well yes i would, yeah either one, yeah i am going for, yeah i am gonna go, yeah i am just runnning, yeah i is
yes abbot, yes elder brother, yes i do teacher, yes master ah, yes master, yes mentor, yes mistress, yes teacher, yes th master, yes the master
all percent, envoys from all, oh yeah all, oh yes all, ya all, yab all, yeah all are

English to English

(/j//E/s )
noun (n)

an affirmative
sebuah afirmatif
I was hoping for a yes.
source: wordnet30

adverb (r)

Ay; yea; -- a word which expresses affirmation or consent; -- opposed to no.
ay; ya; - - sebuah kata yang mendedahkan penegasan atau persetujuan; - - aku tidak menentang/ aku.
source: webster1913

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