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Hasil Carian: yapping

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cengkung, membebel, menyalak, omong kosong,

Other Mathes:
stop with the yapping, to stop with the yapping
stop with the barking, stop yapping, stops yapping
raving, talked shit, was babbling, yakking, yammering, yapping my ear off, yapping
bark and, the yapping and, yapping and
barked at night, barking, barks, gowling, only bark, the yapping, to bark, what bark, with the barking, yap, yapping
is this yapping
quite a while yapping so
have been a little tardy, iittle while, is gonna be a while, it takes some, just for a little bit, quite a while yapping, ran on a little long, rather long time, to been a little tardy, was pretty old
you yapping away
you yapping for
you barking, you yapping
you do not stop yapping
at me yapping
guys talking about, two talk about, two talked about, two talking about, two yapping about
stop with the yapping and

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