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dagangan, meniru,

Other Mathes:
goods of this, may seek enjoyment of the, the transitory wares of the, transitory wares of the
or utensils therewith, or wares
goods of this life, recognize some good, transitory wares of the life
make a trade, trade his wares
slave trader plying wares north
slave trader plying wares
moon to trade his wares
merchandise, spot trade, wares
just marveling at your wares, will become of your men
comfort of the life of, enjoyment of the life of, life merchandise, provision of the life of, vision of the life of, wares of the life of
the enjoyment of the life, the living shit, things of this life, this hasty, vision of the life, wares of the life
nothing but the wares of
examine my wares
come examine my wares
sample our wares

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noun (n)

See 4th Ware.
lihat 4th ware u/ u.
source: webster1913

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