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berbunyi, meraung raung, meraung,

Other Mathes:
siren wailing, sirens wailing, slren walling, slrens walling
dlren walling in dldtance, dlrend walling in dldtance
dlren walling in, dlrend walling in
a siren song, dlren walling, dlrend walling
alarm beeps, alarm bells are ringing, alarm goes off, alarm soundlng, alarm sounds, alarm walling, alarm walls, an alarm went off, silent alarms, the alarm goes off, the alarm sounds
alarm walling strldently
alarm walling speaklng japanese
alarm walling speaklng
alarm blaring, alarm walling
am i invisible alarm walling, am i invisible
go on mate, let go buddy, mutton the button, phll gruntlng come on buddy, phll let go buddy, slren walling cop, tucker come on buddy
rattllng alarm walling
pretty slren walling
pretty fast homes, slrens walling in dlstance
fast too, quick too, quicker i, quickly too, slrens walling in, was fast, wow that was fast

English to English

noun (n)

The act of making a wall or walls.
tindakan membuat dinding atau dinding.
source: webster1913

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