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kecil dan rendah, rak, semak, tumbuhan kecil,

Other Mathes:
finally deep in the undergrowth
to clear undergrowth, tripe
secondary forest, the shrubbery, the thicket, thicket, underbrush, undergrowth
the undergrowth i spot something
the undergrowth i spot
my forest, my jungle, the undergrowth i
deep in the undergrowth i
deep in the forest, deep in the undergrowth
in the undergrowth i spot
in the undergrowth i
in the forest, in the undergrowth, into the forest

English to English

('/@/nd/@/r,gr/oU//T/ )
noun (n)

the brush (small trees and bushes and ferns etc.) growing beneath taller trees in a wood or forest
berus (pohon kecil dan semak dan ferns dll. ) di bawah pohon tumbuh tinggi di sebuah hutan atau hutan
source: wordnet30
That which grows under trees; specifically, shrubs or small trees growing among large trees.
yang tumbuh di bawah pohon; secara khusus, shrubs pohon tumbuh besar atau kecil di antara pepohonan.
source: webster1913

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