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belum, menyatakan, rekan misterius, terkonfirmasi,

Other Mathes:
has not been confirmed, it is not confirmed yet, still unconfirmed, unconfirmed
there have been unconfirmed reports, well there been reports
there are reports, there been reports of, there been reports, there have been reported, there have been reports, there have been unconfirmed reports, there paperwork, there was a report, there were reports, we have a report, we have got confirmation that
few hours but unconfirmed reports
several unconfirmed witnesses reported seeing
several unconfirmed witnesses reported
a couple of witnesses, a couple witnesses, couple of witnesses, several eyewitnesses, several unconfirmed witnesses, several witnesses, some witnesses
still unconfirmed have been transported
still unconfirmed have been
unconfirmed have been
has not yet been confirmed, have not been confirmed yet, unconfirmed
getting unconfirmed reports that this
getting unconfirmed reports that

English to English

(,/@/nk/@/n'f/[@]/rmd )
adjective (a)

not finally established or settled
akhirnya didirikan menetap atau tidak
An unconfirmed letter of credit.
Unconfirmed rumors.
source: wordnet30

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