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aneh, ganjil, luar biasa, pelik, tak sabar,

Other Mathes:
marvellous is not it, quite amazing is not it, remarkable is not it, something was not it, unbelievable is not it, uncanny is it not, uncanny is not it, very impressive is not it, wonderful right
there a word for uncanny
there an uncanny stroke
admit it is uncanny
a little uncanny, strange though
an uncanny talent for connecting
an uncanny talent for
quite uncanny your
it is pretty incredible, ordinary enough, pretty incredible, quite extraordinary, quite remarkable, quite uncanny, quite wonderful
eyes ca not wait, is really eager, is uncanny, patience is running thin, patience is wearing
and the most uncanny agility
an uncanny sense of smell
she is uncanny, son is really eager
uncanny displays separate him from
uncanny displays separate him

English to English

(/@/n'k/&/n/i/ )
adjective (a)

Not canny; unsafe; strange; weird; ghostly.
tidak cerdik; tidak aman; aneh; aneh; ghostly.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

suggesting the operation of supernatural influences
menyarankan pengoperasian supernatural pengaruh
Stumps...had uncanny shapes as of monstrous creatures.
source: wordnet30
surpassing the ordinary or normal
surpassing biasa atau normal
His uncanny sense of direction.
source: wordnet30

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