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tidak insaf, tidak menyadari, tidak sedar,

Other Mathes:
are unaware of it, knew it not, knew nothing about it the, unaware, you were utterly unaware
i have not heard, i haven t heard, i missed her, i reaily did not hear, i really did not hear, i was unaware of, i was unaware, l do not hear
i am unaware of, i am unaware, i did not expect, i did not figure, i did not really think, i really did not expect
allah is unaware of, allah negligent of, god is heedless of, god is unaware of
actually realize, is completely unaware, really realise
are unaware, even unaware
while they perceive not, you being unaware, you unawares
aware of all, heedless of what, is heedless of what, is heedless of, is unaware of what, unaware of what
heedless of, is heedless of, is unaware of, negligent of, pain would
be unaware, negligent, unaware
apologies i did not hear, apologies i was unaware of, apologies i was unaware
their neglect, they are not aware, they are unaware, they did not even realize, they did not expect
so they are heedless, so were heedless, they are therefore unaware, unaware because their, wherefore they are heedless
being unaware, unawares, while they are unaware, while they do not know, while they perceive not
and they were not aware, and they were unaware, but they were unaware

English to English

(,/@/n/@/'w/(@)/r )
adjective (a)

(often followed by `of') not aware
(sering diikuti oleh` of') tidak sadar
Seemed unaware of the scrutiny.
Unaware of the danger they were in.
Unaware of the newborn hope.
The most unaware person I've known.
source: wordnet30
Not aware; not noticing; giving no heed; thoughtless; inattentive.
tidak sadar; tidak sedar; tidak memberi perhatian; gegabah; alpa.
source: webster1913

adverb (r)

tidak sadar.
source: webster1913

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