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yang tak berizin, yang tidak sah pak, yang tidak sah,

Other Mathes:
an unauthorised, an unauthorized, and entering of, no furloughs, not have charged them alone, of trespassing, out without his permission, unadvisedly, unauthorised, unlicensed, with absolutely no authorization, without a pass, without a permit, without an authorization, without asking you guys, without authorization, without clearance, without clearances, without his permission, without my permission, without permission, without permits, without the approval, without the permission, without your permission
detecting unauthorised access, detecting unauthorized access
we have two unauthorised personnel
we have an unauthorised departure
unauthorised access is
unauthorised access, unauthorized access sir
an unauthorised broadcast what
an unauthorised broadcast
an unauthorised area, an unauthorized area
is an unauthorised broadcast what
is an unauthorised broadcast
from unauthorised vendors
in an unauthorised area, in an unauthorized area
two unauthorised personnel in
two unauthorised personnel

English to English

adjective (a)

not endowed with authority
tidak diberkahi dengan otoritas
source: wordnet30

adjective satellite (s)

without official authorization
tanpa izin resmi
source: wordnet30

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