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dengan suara bulat, seiring,

Other Mathes:
both compromised, come to some agreement, for terms, have terms, set bargain, unanimously agreed to, unanimously agreed
are both compromised, has been unanimously agreed to, has been unanimously agreed
unanimously agreed to be the
unanimously agreed to be
and be unanimously hated by, and hated by
and be unanimously hated, and hated by, and hated just, and hated, and odious
and we unanimously agreed they
and we unanimously agreed
unanimously decided this
by acclamation by acclamation, is unanimous, unanimous, unanimously
be unanimously hated by, hated by, openly hated by
abhorred, an abomination, be an abomination, be hated, be unanimously hated, detests, hated by, hated just, hated
we unanimously agreed they
we agreed on a, we agreed on, we agreed that he, we agreed, we made a pact, we unanimously agreed, you lied to me sosa, you were totally hammered

English to English

(/j//u/'n/&/n/@/m/@/sl/i/ )
adverb (r)

of one mind; without dissent
dari satu pikiran; tanpa perbedaan pendapat
The Senate unanimously approved the bill.
We voted unanimously.
source: wordnet30

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