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apalah terima kasih, berterima kasihlah, berterimakasihlah, cari bom itu, cari bom, duapuluh, gru terima kasih, hati hati terima kasih, hebat terima kasih, hei tentu saja trims, ingin pena, ini bagianmu, itu fleming, itu nama keren, kasus lenore, keadaan ella, kesuwun, kipak, lembut terima kasih, makachi

Other Mathes:
all thanks to you kid, bless you boy, gratitude son, thank you boys, thank you dear, thank you girl, thank you kid, thank you lad, thank you lads, thank you my boy, thank you son thank you, thank you son, thank you young man, thanks a lot kid, thanks boy, thanks boys thanks, thanks boys, thanks gary, thanks kid ping, thanks kid, thanks lad, thanks son d, thanks son, that is kind child, welcome to john f
alright turn around, cool thanks, excellent thank you
all right thanks man appreciate, oh thanks man, thank you buddy, thank you fellows, thank you friend, thanks bro, thanks buddy, thanks dude, thanks fella, thanks fellas, thanks man, thanks manny, thanks pal, thanks though man
hey thanks for helping, thank you for your concern, thanks for helping a, thanks for helping clean up, thanks for helping out, thanks for helping us, thanks for looking out, thanks for the assist, thanks for the help, thanks for this, thanks voorje help
callahan thanks for coming down, man thank you for coming, thank you for coming on, thank you for coming, thank you for seeing, thank you for traveling, thanks for being here, thanks for coming down, thanks for coming here, thanks for coming in, thanks for coming man, thanks for coming out, thanks for coming, thanks for making this happen, well thanks for coming
do you give thanks, do you thank, ye give thanks, ye may be grateful, ye may be thankful, ye may give thanks, ye may return thanks, ye might give thanks, you acknowledge, you are thankful, you be thankful, you give thanks, you may be grateful, you may be thankful, you may give thanks, you might be grateful, you might give thanks, you will be grateful, you will be thankful, you would be grateful, you would give him thanks
again that is k, boy thanks dude, fare thee well my friend
a suit changes a man, and we thank you, chuckles thank you for that, hayes thank you for this, so thank you for that, so thanks for that, thank for that, thank you fellow, thank you for that, thanks a lot for that, thanks for it
am fine thanks, am okay thank you, are fine thank you, are fine thanks, are okay thank you, be fine thank you, be fine thanks, cool thank you, do just fine thank you, doing just fine thank you, fine now thanks, fine thank you for, fine thank you, fine thanks all right, fine thanks, just fine thank you, just fine thanks, perfectly fine thank you, quite all right thank you, to be fine thanks
chuckles she is look thanks, for you thanks, go thank you, go thanks, he is thank you, he thanks, her thank you, her thanks, here you are thank you, him be thank you, him thank you, him thanks, him that thank you, his thanks, you are thanks
australlan soldler, gracias compadre, thank you buddy, thanks a lot buddy, thanks bud, thanks buddy rusty, thanks buddy
thank you all for coming, thank you for coming here, thank you for coming, thank you for visiting, thanks for being here, thanks for comin, thanks for coming by, thanks for coming, thanks for dropping by
fuck off thanks but i, i appreciate it but i, oh thanks i am, thank you but i am, thank you but i really, thank you but i was, thank you but i, thank you but if i, thanks anyway but i, thanks but i am, thanks but i have, thanks but i, thanks but please i, thanks madam but i i
are fine thanks, fine mate thanks, fine thank you, fine thanks, good thanks, hanging in there thanks, is fine thanks, just fine thank you, just fine thanks, so where you headed
mankind give no thanks, mankind give not thanks, mankind return not thanks, mankind thank not, men are not grateful, men are not thankful, men are ungrateful, men do not give thanks, men give no thanks, men give not thanks, men thank not, people are not appreciative, people are not grateful, people do not give thanks, people do not thank, the people are not grateful, the people are not thankful, the people are ungrateful, them are ungrateful

English to English

noun (n)

an acknowledgment of appreciation
sebuah pengakuan dari apresiasi
source: wordnet30
with the help of or owing to
dengan bantuan atau kerana
Thanks to hard work it was a great success.
source: wordnet30

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