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tanpa pamrih, tidak dihargai,

Other Mathes:
deny indeed, disbelieve verily, ingratitude truly, thankless i e disbelievers verily, thankless then surely, ungrateful for
how thankless he is, how ungrateful he is, how ungrateful is he, how unthankful he is
if ye disbelieve, if you are thankless then, if you are ungrateful
ye disbelieve verily, you are thankless then surely, you are ungrateful for
ye disbelieve, you are thankless then, you are ungrateful
deny indeed my punishment, disbelieve verily my torment, ingratitude truly my punishment, thankless then surely my punishment, ungrateful my punishment, unthankful my punishment
thankless man
no strings attached, of the selfless, selfless person, selfless, selflessly, thankless, unconditional unconditional, with no strings attached, without thanks
be unappreciated, do not cherish you see, is not appreciated, not appreciated, thankless, unappreciated

English to English

('/T//&//N/kl/I/s )
adjective (a)

not feeling or showing gratitude
tidak enak atau menunjukkan rasa terima kasih
How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is / To have a thankless child!.
source: wordnet30
Not acknowledging favors; not expressing thankfulness; unthankful; ungrateful.
tidak mengakui nikmat; tidak mengungkapkan rasa syukur; tidak berterima kasih; tidak bersyukur.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

not likely to be rewarded
tidak mungkin untuk dihargai
Grading papers is a thankless task.
source: wordnet30

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