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hasil carian: tambourine

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gedompak, rebana, tamborin,

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(,t/&/mb/@/'r/i/n )

noun (n)

  • a shallow drum with a single drumhead and with metallic disks in the sides
    yang dangkal drum dengan satu drumhead dan dengan logam cakera di sisi
    source: wordnet30
  • A small drum, especially a shallow drum with only one skin, played on with the hand, and having bells at the sides; a timbrel.
    kecil drum, terutama yang dangkal drum dengan satu kulit, mempermainkan dengan tangan, dan memiliki lonceng di sisi; sebuah timbrel.
    source: webster1913
  • A South American wild dove (Tympanistria tympanistria), mostly white, with black-tiped wings and tail. Its resonant note is said to be ventriloquous.
    selatan amerika liar merpati (aku tympanistria tympanistria/ aku) , kebanyakan putih, dengan black tiped sayap dan ekor. its resonansi note adalah diperkirakan ventriloquous.
    source: webster1913