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baju formal, buntut, ekor, sabuknya,

Other Mathes:
and puppy dog tails, and puppy dogs tails ah, and puppy dogs tails
puppy dog tails, puppy dogs tails ah, puppy dogs tails
a tail we, our own tails, our tail
it is tails, it tails, that is tails
husk of the ten tails, that the ten tails, the ten tails
anyone got a coin, head or tail, heads or tails heads, heads or tails, il be heads or tails
of a tale, of tails, with their tails
tails off, the tail of, the tails off
tail him, tails does that, tails he is
tails tails it is come
tails tails it is
tails tails
tails it is tails
his tail, tail it, tails it is, that is tails, that tail

English to English

noun (n)

formalwear consisting of full evening dress for men
formalwear consisting malam penuh bergaya untuk pria
source: wordnet30

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