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sempurna akal, sihat ingatan, waras, yang waras,

Other Mathes:
a sane person, anyone in their right mind, rational people, sane man, sane men, sane people, sane person, someone sane
iike a sane person, just like sane people, like a sane person, like sane people
his rocker, in her right mind, in his right mind, in their right mind, of his mind, sane laughs, sane person, sane the, sane, saner, see straight
a sane, a sensible fuckin, in his right mind, reasonable person, sane, that are sane, the sane, who in their right mind, who not insane
sane value to bitwise shift, sane value to convert, sane value to store
as sane as, sane as, sane person like
i feel sane laughs, i feel sane
act sane the, act sane
quite sane, sane enough
with a sane director for, with a sane director
sane mother does not buy, sane mother doesn t buy
sane mother does not, sane mother doesn t
gonna stay sane out here, stay sane out here
gonna stay sane out, stay sane out
gonna stay sane, stay sane

English to English

(s/eI/n )
adjective (a)

mentally healthy; free from mental disorder
kesihatan mental; bebas dari gangguan mental
Appears to be completely sane.
source: wordnet30
Being in a healthy condition; not deranged; acting rationally; -- said of the mind.
berada dalam keadaan sehat; tidak gila; bersikap rasional; - - kata dari pikiran.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

marked by sound judgment
pancaran suara penghakiman
Sane nuclear policy.
source: wordnet30

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