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dibenarkan, dipersetujui, disetujui, mengijinkan, sanksi, yang mengijinkan,

Other Mathes:
like or sanctioned exorcists on, or sanctioned exorcists on
like or sanctioned, or sanctioned
and approved, and sanctioned by, and sanctioned
approved by, be content with, be satisfied with, ratified by, recognized by, sanctioned by the, sanctioned by, was applauded by most, was approved by, was authorized by, will be satisfied with
judge by, judge in accordance with, judge with, law into, rule according to, sanctioned this, sanctioned to, the law into
a citation, be sanctioned, penalized
approved by, was approved by, was sanctioned by the, was sanctioned by
sanctioned it who gave the, sanctioned it who gave
is a sanctioned mission
is sanctioned murder
is sanctioned
allah has ordained, allah has written, allah hath decreed, allah hath ordained, allah hath prescribed, god has sanctioned the, god has written, he has engraved, he has inscribed, he has written, he hath inscribed
you sanctioned the mass

English to English

adjective satellite (s)

conforming to orthodox or recognized rules
conforming untuk ortodoks atau dikenali aturan
canonic, canonical
source: wordnet30
formally approved and invested with legal authority
resmi dan hukum otoritas disetujui berinvestasi
source: wordnet30
established by authority; given authoritative approval
didirikan oleh otoritas; bersifat otoriter diberi kelulusan
source: wordnet30

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