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asin, masin,

Other Mathes:
corned, is all salty, it is salty
a a salty, are fucking gorgeous, are so cute, are so salty, looks so handsome, salty, so handsome
is salty and bitter, salt and bitter, salty and bitter, salty very bitter
is salty and, salt and, salty and, salty
salty taste, that salty tasting, this salty taste
a little bit salty, a little salty, slightly salted, that is a little salty
be too salty, far too salty, overly salted, too salty
and saltine, and salty yeah, and salty
it bitter so why, it bitter then why do, it bitter why then do, it bitter why then, it brackish wherefore, it salty why do, it salty why then do
bitter so why, bitter then why do, bitter why then do, bitter why then, brackish wherefore, salty why do, salty why then do
an expanse of salt, asin, bitter, brackish, briny, salty though, salty
other bitterly salty, the other bitterly salty
far too salty, too salty
that is pretty salty stuff
are like salty peas

English to English

('s/A/lt/i/ )
adjective (a)

containing or filled with salt
mengandungi atau diisi dengan garam
fresh, sweet
source: wordnet30
Somewhat salt; saltish.
sedikit garam; saltish.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

engagingly stimulating or provocative
engagingly merangsang atau provokatif
Salty language.
source: wordnet30
one of the four basic taste sensations; like the taste of sea water
salah satu dari empat asas merasakan sensasi; suka rasa air laut
source: wordnet30

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