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Hasil Carian: sacrifices

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banyak pengorbanan, jatuh korban, korban, pengorbanan,

Other Mathes:
a sacrifice i, a sacrifice that, of the sacrifices, sacrifice i, sacrifice many
be sacrificed for their, give their lives to, have sacrificed himself for, into that pipeline for, made sacrifices for, make sacrifices for, make sacrifices to, make the sacrifice just, must be sacrificed for
a lot of sacrifices but, many sacrifices, many sacrifiices, sacrifices
got to make sacrifices, have sacrifices, have to make sacrifices, have to sacrifice, made the sacrifice, must sacrifice, will have to sacrifice, you must sacrifice
have to make sacrifices, must make sacrifices, must make some sacrifices
do sacrifice, made sacrifices, make a sacrifice
cost of her own, dedicate themselves, give their lives, given himself up just, given himself up, have made sacrifices, made sacrifices, putting his, sacrifice her, sacrifice him, sacrifice himself
sacrifice needs to, sacrifices have to, sacrifices wiii have to
sacrifices to save, some sacrifices to save, the sacrifices to save
a sacrifice to, sacrifice for, sacrifices to, some sacrifices to, the sacrifice for
i must make sacrifices, i must make some sacrifices
been sacrifices, so many sacrifices, so many sacrifiices
made sacrifices, make a sacrifice, make sacrifices, make the sacrifice, must be sacrificed, sacrifice myself, sacrifice their, sacrifice yourself, sacrifice, sacrificed, they gave their, to sacrifice
and it is a sacrifice, and sacrifice, and sacrifices, and with sacrifice, the sacrifices made
have to make sacrifices, there have to be sacrifices

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