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merampok, penggerebegan, penggerebekan, yeah,

Other Mathes:
and raiding at, and the chargers at, raiding at, then raid by, then those charging in
and push home the charge, and raiding, and scouring to the raid
have raided, raid something, raided, raiding, were raiding
a settlement in, been raiding settlements up and, been raiding settlements up
are raiding the joint tonight
will be raiding this summer
are haulin, snatching, will be raiding, will steal, would have taken over
if they would been raiding
and while they were raiding
about the mission, raiding parties, with a mission
where we will be raiding
enjoyed our little raiding parties
have been raiding settlements up
have been raiding settlements
we will be raiding

English to English

adjective satellite (s)

characterized by plundering or pillaging or marauding
ditandai oleh penjarahan atau peralahan atau perampokan
A raiding party.
source: wordnet30

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