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gampang menyerah, lemah, mau menyerah, menyerah, mudah menyerah, penutup, yang mudah menyerah,

Other Mathes:
a fucking quitter, a quitter, be a quitter, let your hair down woman, my quitter, quitting in him
quitter quitter quitter
no quitter, not a fucking quitter, not a quitter
i am no quitter, i am not a quitter
gave up on giving up, quitter quitter
a quitter, ease back, give up too easy, move mountains or die try, quitter
i have a quitter, one will surrender
you gave up to, you gave up, you give up, you given up, you giving up, you quitter, you surrender, you surrendered, you to surrender, you wanna throw up, your surrender
do i have a quitter
of a bitch quitter, of a bitch within
quitter watch this

English to English

('kw/I/t/@/r )
noun (n)

a person who gives up too easily
orang yang mudah menyerah
source: wordnet30
One who quits.
satu yang menyerah.
source: webster1913

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