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berhenti, boleh keluar dari rencana, lari, menyerah,

Other Mathes:
a real warrior never quits, he finally falls or quits
is stopping, it stops, this quitting, this stop, this stops, this thing quits running about, this thing quits running
finally falls or quits, real warrior never quits
are hitting pause after, should call it quits after, would quit after
will call it quits
he finally falls or quits
finally falls or quits
i will call it quits
i reckon you are quits
you are going to stop, you are gonna stop, you going to quit, you gonna quit, you should call it quits, you will quit, you will stop, you would quit
for his own, over himself, quits
or give up, or just give up, or out in, or quits, or surrender, or surrendering
are on hand, are quits, has on hand for

English to English

(kW/I/ts )
interjection (int)

See the Note under Quit, a.
lihat nota di bawah u keluar/ u, aku yang positif. / aku/ pos
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

on equal terms by payment or requital
pada istilah yang sama oleh pembayaran atau pembalasan
We're now quits.
Finally quits with the loan.
source: wordnet30

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