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ratu yang, ratu,

Other Mathes:
a king and a queen, a king and queen, high king and queen, its king and queen, king and queen, kings and queens used, kings and queens, lord and lady, of the king and queen, prom king and queen, the king and queen of
and queens of, and queens
and a queen, and queen of, and queen, and queens used, and queens, and the queen
queens still had money, the queens still had money
drop down to, drop in on, dropped in on a, dropped in on, just bumped into, queens in, running around queens in, stop by in, stop by, stop off in, stopped by
kings and queens of, kings and queens
queens red and white, the queens red and white
queens red and, the queens red and
i heard about queens
you think you are queens
you are queen, you are queens, your queen
do they teach beauty queens
rise kings and queens
many queens did you plant
many queens did you

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noun (n)

a borough of New York City
sebuah feri kota new york
source: wordnet30

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