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keindahan alam, lapisan baru, name, panggil pelacur, pemandangan,

Other Mathes:
action program, create a new action, create hdr layer, create layer from mask, create mask effect, create panorama layer, create panorama, creative program, layer from mask
new layers, new mask or layer, of the new layer, op en as layers, paint volume, panorama layer, panorama, rotate ccw, to new layer, view mode
a ghost is, had ghosts in, panorama is a ghost in, there a ghost in, there are ghosts out
got a ghost, had a demon, had ghosts, have got ghosts, it was a ghost, panorama is a ghost, there a ghost, there are ghosts, there are spooks, there ghosts, there is a ghost
what beautiful panorama
natural beauty, natural charm, panorama, the inner beauty of the
not annoy ray ray panorama
go get them whores, panorama
beautiful panorama
sight what beautiful panorama
generated layer, group layer, new panorama layer, selection brush, shear factor
color sequential area, color sequential, differencing, fill pattern, intersect shortcut t, new panorama, replace shortcut r, s hear, shear tool shear, shear, subtract shortcut s
panorama who are you

English to English

(,p/&/n/@/'r/&/m/@/ )
noun (n)

the visual percept of a region
menggambarkannya percept dari rantau
source: wordnet30
a picture (or series of pictures) representing a continuous scene
gambar (atau serangkaian gambar) mewakili sebuah adegan berterusan
cyclorama, diorama
source: wordnet30
A complete view in every direction.
a complete paparan ke segala arah.
source: webster1913

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