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bingung, gugup, panik seperti ini,

Other Mathes:
because we are panicky and
because we are panicky
we are panicky and
we are panicky, we panic
makes me panicky i walked
creeping me out, freaking my shit out, makes me panicky, scare me off, scare me
feeling a little panicky
panicky tone in your voice
panicky and he is not
panicky and he is
growing panic and, horrified and, panic and, panicked and, panicking and, panicky and, stayed and, was in a panic and, well panic and, with panic and
a bit freaked out, a little freaked out, a little panic, a little panicky
public transportation makes me panicky

English to English

adjective satellite (s)

thrown into a state of intense fear or desperation
dilemparkan ke dalam keadaan ketakutan atau keputusasaan intens
Became panicky as the snow deepened.
source: wordnet30

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