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dengan mengecat, lakukan lukisan, lukisan cat, lukisan pada, lukisan, lukisannya, melukis, melukiskan, mengecat, merias, mewarnai, pengecatan, sungging,

Other Mathes:
a painting that, a painting you, drawing that, fresco, not now victor i, of paintings i, of the scroll, painting a, painting he, painting that, painting what, painting, the drawing that, the painting that, the painting which, this painting that is, those paintings i, what a concept
did the painting, her paintings, his lucky painting, his painting, his paintings, his portrait, is his fitting, kid drawings, of his paintings, painting has, th the painting, the damn painting, the mural, the painting man, the painting was, the painting, the paintings, the portrait, what he has drawn
a painting of mine, my drawing, my drawings, my painting okay, my painting, my paintings, painting i am, painting i, painting of mine, painting that i, the painting i am
board this, is the painting, painting mate do not you
have the painting, that painting is, that painting, the mural, the painting is, the painting was, the painting, those paintings
in a painting, in painting, on the paintings, to the pictures, with painting, with that painting, with the drawings, with the painting
are paintings, has the painting, it is the painting
am painting, are painting, was painting, were painting, you were painting
a painting in a, a painting in, painting in, paintings in, the painting in
a painting of, of drawings from, painting of, paintings of, the painting from, the painting off, the paintings from, the paintings of
her painting, of paintings in, painting in, paintings in, paintings on, paintings, the drawing on, the drawings here, the painting in, the painting on
have my portrait, my drawing, my painting, my paintings, my picture cut the crap
in depictions, in painting, in paintings
from this painting, of that painting, of this painting
he drew a picture, he is painting, he painted

English to English

('p/eI/nt/I//N/ )
noun (n)

graphic art consisting of an artistic composition made by applying paints to a surface
grafis seni consisting of an artistik komposisi dibuat dengan menerapkan cat ke permukaan
A small painting by Picasso.
He bought the painting as an investment.
source: wordnet30
creating a picture with paints
menciptakan gambar dengan cat
He studied painting and sculpture for many years.
source: wordnet30
the act of applying paint to a surface
tindakan menerapkan cat ke permukaan
You can finish the job of painting faster with a roller than with a brush.
source: wordnet30
the occupation of a house painter
pendudukan di sebuah rumah pelukis
House painting was the only craft he knew.
source: wordnet30
The act or employment of laying on, or adorning with, paints or colors.
tindakan atau pekerjaan dari penumpangan, atau adorning dengan, atau cat warna.
source: webster1913

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