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aneh, anehnya, sekali,

Other Mathes:
groans distorted strangely, her unconventional, her weirdo, is strangely, it gets odd uh, oddly enough, oddly, of strange, strange it was, strangely enough, strangely
oddly my character feelings, oddly my character s feelings
pretty rummy, pretty strange, pretty tasteless, pretty weird, quite freaky, quite oddly, quite strange, rachel oddly enough, seem a bit odd, strange enough, strangely enough
seem to get along oddly
there would be quite oddly
would appear awfully, would appear oddly
would appear oddly
would appear oddly self serving
i always found it oddly, i have always found him
awfully self serving, oddly self serving
curious this morning, rather oddly this morning, strange this morning
oddly familiar, strangely familiar
oddly enough i actually understood
oddly enough i actually

English to English

adverb (r)

in a manner differing from the usual or expected
dengan cara yang berbeda dari yang biasa atau rekayasa
source: wordnet30
in a strange manner
dalam cara yang aneh
source: wordnet30
In an odd manner; unevently.
dalam cara yang aneh; unevently.
source: webster1913

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