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bangai, diabaikan, terbuang buang, terkebelakang, terlalai, terlalaikan, tidak,

Other Mathes:
have left out nothing in, have not neglected anything in, left out nothing in
have left out nothing, have not neglected anything, left out nothing
abandoned by, be ignored by, ignored by the, ignored by, neglected by, were neglected by
he fell behind, hey we left, we are abandoning, we are leaving, we have left out, we have not neglected, we ieft, we leave, we left behind, we left off, we left
you forgot the encounter of, you forgot the encounter, you neglected the meeting of, you neglected the meeting, your forgetting the encounter of
neglected to tell you sir, neglected to tell you
forgetting the encounter, forgot the encounter of, forgot the encounter, having forgotten the encounter of, having forgotten the encounter, neglected the meeting of, neglected the meeting
i am ignoring, i have neglected, i ignore
the eye does not see, the forsaken, the neglected, who are being neglected
here someone neglected to
i just ignored, i neglected, i overlooked
i have neglected to punch
i neglected to tell you
i forgot to tell you, i neglected to tell you
i forget to tell, i forgot to tell, i neglected to tell

English to English

adjective satellite (s)

Shaw's neglected one-act comedy, `A Village Wooing'.
ignored, unheeded
source: wordnet30
lacking a caretaker
kurang seorang pengurus
A neglected child.
source: wordnet30

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