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hal negatif, keburukan, negatif suka, negatif, sikap negatif,

Other Mathes:
a lot of negativity, much negativity
negative thing, negativity, of negativity
a lot of faults, much negativity
a lot of holes, few loose, many flaws, much negativity, plenty of them, so poor
so much negativity
form of negativity complaining
form of negativity
go with that negativity man, to have a negative
negativity around me
corrupt the, deterioration, disrepair, disrepute, monstrosity, negativity, observe him, the deterioration, the worst in, ugliness, vices
i swear the not knowing, ignorance, lgnorance, no man claim ignorance, of negativity, unknowing, what is the difference lgnorance
third negativity
your constant negativity
tired of your constant negativity
a magnet for negativity

English to English

noun (n)

the character of the negative electric pole
karakter dari tiang elektrik yang negatif
source: wordnet30
characterized by habitual skepticism and a disagreeable tendency to deny or oppose or resist suggestions or commands
ditandai oleh kerap sifat skeptis dan tak enak kecenderungan untuk menolak atau menentang atau menolak cadangan atau arahan
source: wordnet30
an amount less than zero
sebuah jumlah kurang daripada sifar
source: wordnet30
(chemistry) the tendency of an atom or radical to attract electrons in the formation of an ionic bond
(kimia) the kecenderungan dari atom atau radikal untuk menarik elektron dalam pembentukan sebuah ionic bond
source: wordnet30

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