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terdekat dari, terdekat, umum terdekat,

Other Mathes:
nearest city, nearest town is, nearest town, the nearest city, the nearest town
a hospital nearby, nearest hospital, the nearest hospital to
at the close, close ones through a, close ones through, closes fast, closest, ones nearest, proximate, slmmons the closest, that are closest, that is closest, that were closest to
o muhammad your closest kindred, thy clan the nearest ones, thy clan thy nearest kin
get to the nearest hospital, to the nearest hospital, to their nearest hospital
nearest exit, the nearest available exit, the nearest exit
closest star, nearby star, our nearest star, the nearest star
the nearest galaxy andromeda is, the nearest galaxy andromeda
nearest course out of manhattan, nearest course out ofmanhattan
are nearest to, closest to, nearest to
the nearest city, to the nearest town
nearest available exit, nearest exit
nearest railroad, nearest railway
nearest town is, the nearest town is
the nearest rip track is, the nearest rip track

English to English

adverb (r)

(superlative of `near' or `close') within the shortest distance
(dari terunggul` near' atau` close') dalam jarak terpendek
That was the time he came nearest to death.
closest, nighest
source: wordnet30

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