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sebahagian besarnya, terutama,

Other Mathes:
mainly it is, mainly it s, mainly it
i would mainly be, i would mainly
working mainly, working primarily, works mainly
mainly i work out of, mainly i work out
are here mainly to be, are here mainly to
for the major, more ultimate, to be first, to what you said, would mainly be, would mainly
them especially, they mainly, they were mainly
it mainly, largely, mainly, most of it is, most of you, substantially
here especially for, here mainly to be, here mainly to
but i would mainly be, but i would mainly
but mainly it is, but mainly it s
a priority for, especially for, especially to, mainly to be, mainly to, particularly for, particularly to
it mainly for my parents, mainly for my parents, that for my parents
being to, e that for, it mainly for, mainly for, that to
would mainly take place

English to English

('m/eI/nl/i/ )
adverb (r)

for the most part
bagi sebagian besar
He is mainly interested in butterflies.
source: wordnet30
Very strongly; mightily; to a great degree.
sungguh; mightily; ke tahap yang sangat tinggi.
source: webster1913
Principally; chiefly.
terutama; terutama.
source: webster1913

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