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ada buat, akan jadikan, akan meraih, b membuat, baru terjadi, berhasil masuk, bikinan, buatan, dah buatkan, dah dibuat, dah jadikan, dah lahirkan, dah reka, dah siapkan, dapat buat, di buat, dibacakan, dibuat, dihasilkan banyak darinya, diperbuat

Other Mathes:
allah is he who made, allah it is who made, allah who created, allah who has given, allah who has made the, allah who has made, allah who hath created, allah who made the, allah who made, god is he who created, god who appointed, god who created, god who has created, god who has given, god who has made the, god who has made, god who made the, god who made, god who provides, he who brought, he who created, he who has created, is allah who created, is allah who has given, is allah who has made, is allah who made the, is allah who made, is god who appointed, is god who has created, is god who has given, is god who has made, is god who made the, is god who made, is god who provides, it is allah who created, it is allah who made, it is god who appointed, it is god who made, it is god who provides, lord who has created
committed ourselves to this, has a decision to make, has decided that, has made a decision, has made his decision, have already made the decision, have made a decision
are designed to, are made for, are made to
are making a big mistake, done a terrible thing, has made a gross error, made a big mistake, made a grave error
how we have appointed the, how we have appointed, how we have made the, how we have made, how we made the
he made a mistake, he made mistake, he made mistakes, he made the mistake of, he made the mistake that, he made the mistake, he make mistake, he makes a mistake, he slips up, she is made a mistake, she made a mistake, she made mistakes, up made a mistake, we make a mistake
are made with, be made of, be made with, been applied with, built using, cut with, drawn in, have been applied with, is made with, made its, made out with, made with, obtained through, was made in, was made with, were made with
are made out, is being made, is encoded, is it made, is just made up, it is built, it is made out, it is made, it was created, it was made out, it was made, it was obtained, it was teeming, prerei, they adapted, was made, would be made
has produced, hath caused, is god who has made, it is that hath made, it is who appointed
him to phase, him up as, just fabricating, just making the, led her into getting into, made her my, made her one of, made him a, made him into, made him such a, made him your
created our own, designed it myself, did them yourself, do it for yourself, have been working on it, made it himself, made it myself nice, made it myself, made it ourselves, made it personal, made it yourself heh
anyone that makes, cause the guy who made, everybody was making
and has given, and has made the, and has made
definitely made, he is being made out, he is made this, he was made, is it made, it is to be made, it was developed, it was made, they are made, those made
do deals, made a covenant, made a deal

English to English

(m/eI/d )
adjective (a)

(of a bed) having the sheets and blankets set in order
(dari tempat tidur) ada seprai dan selimut ditetapkan dalam rangka
A neatly made bed.
source: wordnet30
Artificially produced; pieced together; formed by filling in; as, made ground; a made mast, in distinction from one consisting of a single spar.
artifisial diproduksi; dikumpulkan; dibentuk dengan mengisi; sebagai, aku membuat/ aku tanah; yang aku buat/ aku mast, dalam izzat dari satu consisting satu tanding.
source: webster1913

noun (n)

See Mad, n.
lihat mad u/ u, pos i n. / aku/ pos
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

produced by a manufacturing process
diproduksi oleh proses pembuatan
Bought some made goods at the local store; rope and nails.
source: wordnet30
successful or assured of success
sukses atau memastikan keberhasilannya
Now I am a made man forever.
source: wordnet30

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