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folder secara setempat, kesempatan di tempat ini, secara lokal, secara setempat, setempat perhatian, setempat,

Other Mathes:
book content locally for, calendar contents locally for, contents locally for, folder content locally for, memo list contents locally for, task list contents locally for
book content locally, calendar contents locally, contents locally, folder content locally, memo list contents locally, task list contents locally
cop y calendar contents locally, copy book content locally, copy calendar contents locally, copy folder content locally, copy memo list contents locally, copy task list contents locally
idea is, is known locally as, known locally as
is known locally, known locally
will install this theme locally
account locally
activate alarms for, alarms locally
you already have locally
theme archive locally this button
theme archive locally
an emoticon theme archive locally
the article is cached locally

English to English

('l/oU/k/@/l/i/ )
adverb (r)

by a particular locality
oleh tertentu lokaliti
It was locally decided.
source: wordnet30
to a restricted area of the body
ke kawasan terlarang tubuh
source: wordnet30
With respect to place; in place; as, to be locally separated or distant.
dengan hormat ke tempat; di tempat; sebagai, jadi aku secara setempat/ aku dipisahkan atau jauh.
source: webster1913

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