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aku tidak larry, satunya larry, tidak larry,

Other Mathes:
cheering stops it is, larry the water has, the water has
what did you get larry, what do you got, what would you got, what you getting at, what you getting, whatcha got, whatya got
daley and, send larry daley and
daley of, mr daley, send larry daley
he grows older larry moves
grown he, he grows older larry, through puberty he
hey watch the suit, hey watch where you are, hey watch where you, hey watch where, hey watch your back, larry hey watch the suit, man hey watch it, muffled hey watch it, oh hey careful, those things are dangerous
hey jones, larry hey jones
hey neighbors i just, larry hey neighbors i just
hey neighbor, hey neighbors, hey neighbour, larry hey neighbors, woman hey neighbor
meeting a friend, meeting your friends, met my, see you pal, ya buddy, you buddy this is larry, you buddy
as he grows older larry
georgla you can larry
check the ceiling, larry check the ceiling
good morning sacramento, larry good morning sacramento

English to English

('l/&/r/i/ )
noun (n)

Same as Lorry, or Lorrie.
sama seperti lori u/ u, atau lorrie u/ u.
source: webster1913

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