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besar, lebih banyak ya, lebih besar, yang lebih besar,

Other Mathes:
a iot bigger, a lot bigger, a much bigger deal, a much bigger, a much larger, a whole lot bigger, considerably larger, considerably more, far far greater
a iot bigger than, a lot bigger than, a whole lot bigger than, considerably larger than, is much larger than, it is far bigger than, much bigger than
bigger one and, bigger than all of, bigger than all, bigger than me and, greater and, grow larger and, is bigger and, is larger and, it bigger and, larger and, much larger and
are getting big, are getting bigger, are getting huge, are getting larger, as a large, getting big, getting bigger
a bit more along, grew larger, grow bigger
a far greater, a much bigger, a much larger, much bigger, much larger
a bigger, a greater, a larger, a lot bigger, a much larger
a larger unit sir, both to go, both to, guys off at, have both been to, larger unit sir, two go to, two off to, two round, two take
on something larger in the, on something larger in
a larger animal, crocs bigger, larger animals
it is ten times larger, one hundred times his weight, seven times the size, times as big, times as great, times as large, times bigger, times greater, times larger, times more likely, times more massive, times the size, twice as big, twice as many as usual
a bigger life, a life greater, an even larger life, larger life
larger and larger many
larger and larger
bigger and bigger, larger and larger

English to English

(l/A/r/dZ//@/r )
adjective satellite (s)

large or big relative to something else
besar atau besar relatif kepada sesuatu yang lain
source: wordnet30

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