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kasik, kurang,

Other Mathes:
is nothing lacking in, there something lacking in
are missing something though, did i miss anything, empty inside, is nothing lacking, is something iess, like less, some are less
lacking now that, lacking now
a bit less, a little down on my, a little down on, a little lacking, a little less, i am hard of, is just a little flawed
nothing is lacking now that, nothing lacking now
nothing is lacking, nothing is missing, nothing lacking
are missing out on, are missing out, is lacking, less, of the less
are there parents lacking in
is a little lacking you
is a little lacking
kind of a less, little less, rather less, seem a bit thin, slightly less, somewhat lacking
i was lacking inspiration
i am short of, i am short, i literally repel, i was lacking
what is lacking is god
what he lacked were, what is lacking is, what you lack is

English to English

('l/&/k/I//N/ )
adjective satellite (s)

inadequate in amount or degree
memadai dalam jumlah atau derajat
Lacking in stamina.
deficient, wanting
source: wordnet30
tidak wujud
Her appetite was lacking.
source: wordnet30

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