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lapangan kennedy, setelah kennedy,

Other Mathes:
kennedy assassination shh, kennedy assassination, the kennedy assassination, to the kennedy assassination
at kennedy, at the kennedy, out at kennedy
is john f kennedy, was john f kennedy
kennedy it is, kennedy it
of the chad kennedy, the chad kennedy
and john fitzgerald kennedy was, and john fitzgerald kennedy
from ohio at kennedy, from ohio out at kennedy
kennedy was assassinated, kennedy was killed
kennedy we are percent, kennedy we are
kennedy once said, kennedy said
kennedy vision is, kennedy vision
kennedy assassination, kennedy would ya
ohio at kennedy, ohio out at kennedy
kennedy assassin, killed kennedy would ya
the kennedy assassination or, to the kennedy assassination or

English to English

('k/E/n/I/d/i/ )
noun (n)

35th President of the United States; established the Peace Corps; assassinated in Dallas (1917-1963)
35th presiden amerika serikat; penubuhan pasukan perdamaian; dibunuh di dallas (1917-1963)
source: wordnet30
a large airport on Long Island to the east of New York City
besar lapangan terbang di long island ke timur kota new york
source: wordnet30

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