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aku mohon kelly, dari kelly, kell, kelly akan, kelly yang, weakly kelly,

Other Mathes:
kelly did you, kelly do you, kelly how is, kelly how, kelly you
aunt kelly only, aunt kelly, unt kelly
hey it is kelly, hey kelly, hi kelly
kelly going to, kelly going, kelly will
kelly and i, kelly and me, that kelly and i
d kelly from, is officer kelly from, kelly of
kelly wanted to, kelly wanted, kelly wants to
kelly that is, kelly that, stu kelly that is
kelly had, kelly have been, kelly is
know if kelly, know that kelly is, knows kelly
is kelly, is that kelly
no kelly is, or kelly
how about you kelly, what about you kelly
come on kelly, thanks crystal come kelly
aunt kelly we never, unt kelly we never

English to English

('k/E/l/i/ )
noun (n)

United States circus clown (1898-1979)
amerika serikat sirkus badut (1898-1979)
source: wordnet30
United States film actress who retired when she married into the royal family of Monaco (1928-1982)
amerika serikat film aktris yang pensiun ketika dia menikah ke royal keluarga dari monaco (1928-1982)
source: wordnet30
United States dancer who performed in many musical films (1912-1996)
amerika serikat penari yang dilaksanakan di banyak film musikal (1912-1996)
source: wordnet30

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