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aku harus pergi katie, bersama katie, itu katie, katie katie, katie satu,

Other Mathes:
to win right katie, win right katie, win right, wind was
in that katie appears in, that katie appears in
in that katie appears, that katie appears
are going down katie, are gonna go downstairs, climbing down that, gonna go downstairs, got to make it downhill, just drops down, will just pop down
you are going down katie
you and the mother katie
anyone calling katie except myself
dad i ca not just, dad i ca not, daddy i ca not, katie daddy i ca not
dad dad what, dad dad, daddy daddy daddy, daddy daddy, father father, katie daddy daddy, meggle dad dad
daddy everyone dies, katie daddy everyone dies
daddy everyone, katie daddy everyone
and heading towards, and heading, and pushing, and six on, but it stopped, katie and to make
he knows when he, he knows when, katie told you she was
he knows when, katie told you, she now and when
be dressed, change clothes real quick, change my dress katie crying, change really quick, change your clothes

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