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elizabeth tudor kat, kat kucing,

Other Mathes:
kat ah not bad not
kat ah not bad
ah nothing, aw it, carl not, cigarette ah no, cigarette no, kat ah not, laughlng oh no, nah it was not that, uh well no
what am i to do, what did i do kat, what i have done
come on let, come on sid, kat come on
aii right boys, all right boy, all right boys, kat all right boys
iet me talk to her, let me speak to her, let me speak to him, let me talk to her, let me talk to him, what about kat
explosions kat get down
to do kat come on
does scum, too shithead bye kat
you too shithead bye kat
a really quick one groaning, about kat, going to get going now
we gotta go now, we have to go now, we need to exfil now, we need to move, what about kat
do kat come on, projections, the projections
kat more coffins

English to English

(k/A/t )
noun (n)

the leaves of the shrub Catha edulis which are chewed like tobacco or used to make tea; has the effect of a euphoric stimulant
daun dari pohon yang rendah catha edulis yang dikunyah seperti tembakau atau digunakan untuk membuat teh; memiliki efek stimulant kegirangan
In Yemen kat is used daily by 85% of adults.
source: wordnet30
An Arabian shrub (Catha edulis) the leaves of which are used as tea by the Arabs.
seorang arab pohon yang rendah (aku catha edulis/ aku) daun yang digunakan sebagai teh oleh orang arab.
source: webster1913

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